RT Complete

RTCompleteLogoRT Complete offers a comprehensive, customized solution that can:

  •  Increase Respiratory Acuity Level
  •  Maximize Nursing Staff Productivity
  •  Enhance Revenue Growth Opportunities
  •  Reduce RT Related Hospital Readmissions


The RT Complete program consists of three key components.

picServices1Hands-on, On-site, Respiratory Care & Support

This hands-on, on-site, respiratory care & support component offers support with:

  •  Patient Assessments; Set-up and Follow-up Visits
  •  Trach Tube Changes
  •  Overnight Oximetry
  •  Disposable Change-Outs
  •  CPAP/BIPAP; Set-up and Follow-up Visits


picServices3On-site & Online Clinical Training, Testing & Certification

The respiratory training and certification program ensures that your staff operates at maximum capacity, efficiency, and clinical competence. Training is customized to meet your schedule and budget through a combination of on-site and online courses.

  •  Respiratory Assessment
  •  Tracheostomy Care
  •  Suction Technique
  •  Breath Sounds
  •  Additional In-Services Available Upon Request
  •  Oxygen Therapy
  •  Hand Held Nebulizer Training


picServices2Program Evaluation & Development

The program evaluation and development component of RT Complete allows SMS to collaboratively develop a respiratory program designed to meet your specific needs and objectives.

  •  Audit of Admission and Readmission History
  • Reimbursement Requirements Analysis
  •  Staff Capabilities and Turnover Review
  •  Facility Capacity, Readiness and Expansion Assessment
  •  Medical Equipment Assessment and Management Plan
  •  Resident Population and Needs Analysis
  •  Regulatory Inspection Assistance
  •  Clinical Education Needs